Bounce House Birthday Party

Welcome to the newest Bounce House Birthday Party Place in N.J.

Our Bounce House Zone was created with a MIX of different Inflatable activities to keep the kids excited,active and challenged. Containing a mix of obstacle courses, slides, bouncers, basketball and  a gaga dodge ball pit.

Opened in June 2014 Fun Force is a brand new facility designed to offer exciting activities for kids and adults. Some of the activities, such as Roller Skating and Laser tag , both parent and child can participate in together.

Each Bounce House Birthday Party can choose between One Hour or thirty minute exclusive time slots.



combine BOUNCE HOUSES with Other activities for the kids during their party.

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For Example, one hour of exclusive Bounce Houses and then go to the the Laser Tag Arena for two games, or go to the Air Blaster Arena for 30 minutes and then off to the Roller Skating Rink. Or one can start their party with Laser Tag or Air blaster or roller skating and then add 30 minutes of bounce Houses to the party. Then go to the ARCADE .

You decide and customize your party.

 Parents won’t have to trudge from one room to another room with no place to sit down.

We have comfortable leather sofas throughout the facility with views of every activity

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