Laser Tag Arena

Laser Tag is for all ages !


We built the newest Laser Tag Venue in North Jersey.

Enter that smoke filled environment and blast your friends away!! ….and laugh about it afterwards.

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Walk in with your friends and get that adrenaline rush !!!

you’ll come out


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To book a birthday party, bachelor party,company party, school party call eric at 973-777-0767

Open to the public

FRIDAY      4 pm  -10 pm

SATURDAY      1 PM -10 PM

SUNDAY        1 PM – 7 PM

just walk in and purchase games at the front desk      

$10.00 per game 


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photo 4-18Compete against up to 40 players in an intense action packed game.

The Game is SIMPLE, Aim to Win.


You will receive a detailed briefing before being issued our advanced powered packs.You will then enter the Laser Arena. Once the game begins you will have to navigate your way through the dark complex environment.The aim is to tag other players with your laser gun,before they can tag you.Stay alert as there’s more than just other players lurking in the shadows. Hostile Bases are strategically located throughout the arena just waiting to zap you.

Throughout the game scores will be updated to you in real time



FunForce uses the latest generation of laser tag equipment. Featuring supreme accuracy and reliability. Our Packs are a force to be reckoned with.

Your powered pack is constructed from high grade materials that house target sensors. When playing, these sensors will be your team colors and allow you to easily identify other players as opponents or team mates. When tagged your pack will flash and deactivate for 15 seconds. When target sensors come back on your pack and laser gun will reactivate and your back in the game. Of course your savvy opponent may just wait to take you out again unless you keep moving!

The lasers used in the system are completely harmless and function for targeting purposes only.Live scoring updates are transmitted instantly to your laser guns LED, informing you of your current score.


We have innovated an arena design to create a truly dimensional gameplay space. Start navigating through a labrynth of forest ending in the complex maze where opponents are taking cover. Watch out not to run across the Centaur Laser Base that’s primed to take out all unwary players.

Just walk in and play in our 2,500 square foot smoke filled arena. Individual or Team play. Avoid getting hit by your opponents red laser beam ! Buy tickets at the front reception counter when you get here.


 actual laser tag beam in our arena



Book a Laser Tag Birthday Party  $299.88


Party for 12 kids includes 4 games of laser tag, a party host,slice of pizza,soda. 

You can add 2 more games for $15 or combine and customize this party with any of our other offerings such as the gaga dodge ball pit, roller skating, inflatable bounce houses,additional laser tag games and select from our food catering options

Call 973-777-0767 to find out more

you can add any of these additional activities to your Laser tag party.

You can’t do this anywhere else in Bergen County.

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Gaga Dodge Ball                       Air Blasters                            Roller Skating




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Bounce House Zone

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