Safety Policy

Ensuring a safe friendly environment for everyone to enjoy.

Bags , Coats and shoes 

Must be placed in a locker or left in your car.

These are a hazard to skaters and a nuisance to all customers who want to sit down.

We Will Not be held responsible for items left on chairs, on the floors or under the couches. If you left them  

Better safe than sorry.

Wear Protective Gear

We strongly recommend the use of Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards.  Bring your own they are available at our skate rental counter for a small fee. Helmets are also recommended, please bring your own.

Avoid Accidental Injury

Do not stand in groups on the Rink floor.

Do not sit down on the rink floor

Do not sit on the rink wall

Do not carry or lift another person when ON SKATES.

No food or beverage is allowed on the rink floor.

Observe the Skate direction ,usually anti-clockwisae

Follow the flow of skaters and travel in the same direction

Do not cut across the rink

Do not enter the skating rink wearing shoes on to the Rink.

Keep your skates ON when in the Rink.

Be considerate to new skaters

If you cause a collision KEEP YOUR ATTITUDE outside the door.

 Obey our easily identifiable Skate Marshalls

They are there to ensure YOUR SAFETY.

We reserve the right to evict any patron who does not follow the rules of behavior and safety listed above.